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Indeed, because of a financial concentration of publishing houses and the media in the hands of a dozen “Tycoons” in Europe, the diversity of ideas has given way to an insidious consensus on what should be said, on what can be said, on how it should be said and on those who are allowed to say it.

Like the United States, such concentration leads to the censorship of the Evil-Thinkers and the self-censorship of the “Right-Thinking people”…

  • In this spirit, the American “companies”, the European “think tanks”, as well as the industrial and commercial lobbies supported by the “managers” of High Finance, are constantly on the breach to “sell” us the good economic, monetary and financial word of neoliberalism.
  • As in the United States, France has “adopted” the system of the great electoral show to retain two “promise machines” in the presidential elections, and to finally elect an ultra-reactionary president thanks to the support of High Finance and all the “opinion media” at his service.
  • The damage to Democracy, French and European, is enormous because, in fact, the French have just sealed the future of Money – King, the system described by ARISTOPHANES and fought by ARISTOTLE (see the collection Economic & Monetary History, in the first book of the Launch Trilogy).

Dogmas always kill thought, but in this case they also kill our freedom and the future of our own children.

We have decided to “get out” of this dogmatic framework by “constantly working on concepts”, by analyzing millions of official statistics and by integrating the most rigorous philosophical contributions, in particular those of the “Mechanics of Human Thought”, to make a clean sweep of restrictive hypotheses, circular reasoning and looping repetitions of ancient dogmas,  conveyed by “economic science” for more than two centuries…

Of course, endless and useless analyses must give way to the INCUBATION OF NEW IDEAS to find the most effective means of action and get out of this system as soon as possible.

From now on, no politician will be able to say: “We don’t know, we can’t do anything, there is no alternative”. From now on, citizens will consider these remarks to be intolerable.

Thank you for your trust.

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For what editorial line?

We want to publish “alternative” books and essays in the following areas:
  • Economic & Monetary History
  • Currencies & International Finance
  • Economics & Humanism

More precisely, we want to prove that HUMANISM can become at any time and in any place the most effective and universal model of development, including (and above all) in the economic, monetary and financial fields.

Today, it is a whole System of Domination of Man and Nature that is declined within our Society by the propagation of a DOMINANT, UNIQUE AND DOCTRINAIRE THOUGHT… whose goal is to promote the System of Easy Profits & Capital Gains… to satisfy the appetite and cynicism of a few…

In fact, it is always the same System of Power that imposes Misery and Unhappiness on the greatest number of humans, everywhere on this planet…

On the other hand, our ambition is not only to denounce (which some authors do very well, with a lot of courage and talent), but above all to explain and propose…

However, in this field, the complexity of our Society is an obstacle… that we want to remove.

The Launch Trilogy: the first author

This trilogy was written by a European economist specializing in international finance, corporate finance, decentralized strategic research and management control. With a Greco-Latin background, the author has kept a foothold in our original civilizations while living intensely his passion for the most current «economic thing».

He chose the pseudonym “JUNON MONETA”.
This choice is first of all a nod to the goddess, queen and mother, CLOSE to Jupiter, the god of the gods, who had warned the whole world of the impending power of Rome.

To make this “sweet dream” of boundless power a reality, the Romans had dedicated a temple to it on the Capitol where they refined precious metals and minted metallic coins…
Since then, none of us has escaped the «monetary trap» created in the name of the goddess, not even the European Union which created a temple in Frankfurt for its sponsors, the bankers and High Finance.
It is also a clear choice that wants to make an impression.

The author has no political ambition (for himself).
It is just driven by a cold determination, “DON’T LET IT GO”.
It will support all initiatives of “Reconstruction of a European Political THEÔRIA”, for the peoples, with the peoples and with their political representatives… the most convinced that our only future is based on an economic, monetary, financial and social variation of our GREAT HUMANIST VALUES…

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