Part III: The Market for Other Financial Securities.

The Other Securities Market is the largest Financial Securities Market , but the Eurozone market was practically much smaller than the US market of what statistics refer to as “outstanding”.

To underline the perfidy of these “securities markets”, it is enough to note that only two “beneficiaries” benefited from them, both in the United States and in the Euro Zone: they are the States (Governments) and Finance.

First remark: the Financiers and all international bodies do not like states (which they want to enslave and destroy): they therefore talk about governments (which they easily control).

Second remark: companies (corporations) were very minority beneficiaries on this market  but their net inflows were five times higher in the United States than in the Eurozone.

As I say in virtually all my books and notes, if states (or governments in financial language) are getting weaker and weaker, there is a reason.

Indeed, governments have granted more and more aid and free pass to high finance and its affiliates, large companies.

These are remotely controlled by banks, insurance groups and private “pension funds” which  occupya privileged place on all boards of directors.

The boards of directors appoint the president and the general manager, responsible for finding in these companies all kinds of means to enrich the reference shareholders.

Stock market prices must attract small fish that share some leftovers, left by the big shareholders who have been well informed by the directorates-general set up.

For the record, a free pass is defined as: “a favor granted illegally”. Yes, our governments are complicit.

You know what I mean? A stolen good (even for a very long time) is never “an inalienable private good”.

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