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Dollar and Euro: How Finance killed our democracies…

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What if “money” was the cause of all our ills?

Silver, used as money, has existed for more than 4500 years.

From the outset, it has been tampered with by the elites to the point of ruining general confidence and necessitating the first devaluation of a currency in history (Hammurabi). It is the people who have paid the price: oppression and repression as today.

Coins were introduced to Greece 2600 years ago and, since then, the European Union has known more than 1,300 currencies that have left little trace in the memories if not that of the suffering caused by their systemic overabundance.

Clearly, inflation and the loss of purchasing power have always been the rule, everywhere in Europe and in the world, because this system has always been wanted by the ruling classes.

The European System of Central Banks was conceived by the BIS in the 1970s.

The European Union even adopted the Treaty of Maastricht (1992), created from scratch by this limited company based in Basel, Switzerland: thanks to this «master stroke», the European neoliberal system is now «better» than that of the United States.

Since then, European citizens have had no choice: «happy globalisation», «freedom of capital» and «total independence of the ECB» are the three pillars of their «system of governance».

This system has led to the impoverishment of the populations of the «eight richest countries» of the European Union but the official discourse is not that one: «The Europeans live beyond their means»; «They do not want to make any more efforts»; «They are not competitive»; «They must repay their (public) debts»; «Pensions must be reformed»…

What if all this is false?

This book doesn’t say it, it proves it.

The author is an economist who was forced to study the official liturgy of the « Cave’s Economists» to obtain his diploma, but he went into the field of business banks and multinationals before asking himself «the right questions», those who annoy our great thinkers.

After analysing more than 1,000,000 official figures, he gives you a complete overview of the serious situation in which the European peoples find themselves: a real comic strip (graphs, tables, illustrations) to denounce the «three heists of the century in twenty years» which cost them more than 10,000,000,000 euros. But much more for the American citizens…

The author says to you loud and clear:

“Stop! This system is one Mafia!”

And the solutions? 

Of course they exist.

Democracy needs the greatest number of people to function well, but for that, the people must first understand the cause of their misfortunes.

It is the (Mafia) management of their currency that deprives them of their essential rights, 

the Right of Subsistence and the Right to Existence.


For another Europe

And (of course) for Another Euro…

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