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The first 5 videos explain why the management of the euro has been disastrous for more than 20 years, and why the people of Europe are suffering more and more.
All European countries are concerned: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Estonia, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Finland.
But also: Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, United States, Japan, South Korea.

The mechanics are simple:

  • Central Banks create counterfeit money by refinancing banks
  • They therefore create inflation
  • Inflation creates speculation
  • Speculation destroys our purchasing power
  • Inflation spreads misery
  • Banks lend a lot of money to speculators
  • These speculators are subsidiaries and friendly companies in tax havens
  • When they lose, our central banks save them
  • Our central banks are indebting our governments to save them
  • With this public money, our central banks reimburse the ECB or the FED
  • Every five or seven years new crises occur

The system is encouraged by the Bank for International Settlements

  • The BIS is not “the central bank of central banks”
  • The BIS is a trade union that brings together 63 national central banks in 2022
  • The BIS wrote the Maastricht Treaty (1992)
  • This Treaty defined the secret powers of central banks
  • Since the Treaty, European commercial banks have become Institutions (MFIs)
  • The European Council takes decisions to rescue Finance
  • Parliaments are not consulted
  • Decisions always increase our Public Debts

We must struggle, dream and want life, adventure, discovery, wonder, peace.
Central banks are killing all of this.


  • Removing the central banks and BIS
  • Creating a New European Treaty
  • Creating a European Public Treasury with on democratic controll of the Money
  • Harmonising taxation
  • Heavily taxing unjust enrichments
  • Finance must repay its debts

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