EURO CRYPO: “The Unspoken” and the Big Reset in the Macroeconomic Models

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Grand Reset

The teams of the BIS-ECB have organized numerous conferences to spread the official version of the euro:

it will be “a new currency”, it must be “anchored” and it is intended to improve the daily life of the populations. 

These discourses are “dissected” in Part III on “The Said” but we had already “opened the windows” 

in Part I: State of Play of the Cryptocurrencies and in Part II: State of Play of the SEP.

In this Part IV, we will discover “The Unspoken” revealed in speeches and conferences to Finance 

but, even within these circles, we will find that they vary according to the audience concerned.

However, it is in the “macroeconomic models” that we will discover “The Unspoken”.

Clearly, the euro-crypto is not intended for populations but to organize “the Grand Reset”, 

first at the level of the European Union (Eurozone in priority) 

and then throughout the “dollar system”.

The consequences for the peoples of Europe, especially in the South, will once again be dramatic.


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