Part I : Politicians Absent from Real Debates

This post on the Situation of France in 2022 inaugurates a series of such notes that will be dedicated to other countries.

As far as France is concerned, I personally preferred the formula: Peu de chiffres (toujours de sources officielles)

  • Figures from our long-range mirrors (20 years – 30 years)
  • Few words (numbers and/or charts and/or tables are enough)
  • A lot of questions on topics that have never been raised in our media, even by those who call themselves “independent”, “participatory” and/or “investigative”.
  • Clearly, with THREE PAGES, you will discover that the thousand-page best sellers in Economics and Finance are nothing but smoke and mirrors.

You will also discover that economists, even “alternative” or “dismayed”, do not even propose to you the questions useful for a collective awareness of

  • the choices of governance
  • the dogmas that support them
  • and the existential risks, taken by our senior executive officials.

In other words, money and finance are taboo subjects, except for us.

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