Myths and reality. The Europe of Dogmas and Failures

This Speech on the State of the Union 2022 is symptomatic of the  mind that reigns within the Executive of the European Union because, let us not forget, the European Commission does not have the initiative of Laws and Decrees.

It is the European Council that prepares the “roadmap” and writes the laws that the Commission must implement, even if, from time to time, the latter proposes its draft laws and decrees to the European Council, which may refuse them.

This roadmap is described in the Maastricht Treaty   by the  forms of “powers” to which the Commission is assigned  :  “exclusive competences”,  “shared competences” and   “supporting competences”. Obviously, the presence of lobbyists is constant within the European Union and, therefore, more and more “competences” have now passed into the lap of the Commission to the detriment of national governments (and therefore peoples).

There is only one exception to the rule: “the” currency and all banking and financial regulations are the exclusive responsibility of the ECB, which runs the entire European System of Central Banks of the EU-27.

The Council and the Commission have no right of scrutiny over the most sensitive aspect of the economic strategy of the Member States since, as everyone knows, without money there is no policy. In other words, there is practically no point in going to vote: the financiers decide everything, for us, without even consulting us.

On the other hand, the ECB and its senior officials (representatives of commercial banks and insurance groups) attend monthly Meetings of the Eurogroup (Finance Ministers) and Meetings of State Councils (Prime Ministers or Chancellors) who are invited to sign all documents which are implementing orders  for the Commission.

On the other hand, Finance does not want its decisions to be “discussed” but it has obtained a prominent place in all the bodies of the European Council, especially and especially within the Eurogroup.

This is where the “big decisions” to bail out the big financial players in bancassurance “in distress” and therefore by increasing national public debts are decided.  Without state aid, they would all have gone bankrupt between 1996 and 1998 and between 2006 and 2013.

All of them, including central banks.

This post on “The Speech of the Union 2022” dissects the myths and realities of the European Union whose President is only the spokesperson and executor of the Council, the ECB and the many lobbies. It is therefore Margrethe VERSTAGER, Executive Vice-President, who is in fact the most powerful woman in Europe (after the ECB) to defend the “founding principle” of Maastricht: free and undistorted competition (happy globalization).  The ECB is no longer content to claim “the single currency” and “the total independence of central banks”, it uses the European Union to put us in ever more debt.

Without any shame or complex, Mrs von der LEYEN sells us the “great democratic and social values” of the European Union. 

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