Part VI: Global Risk.

This conclusion on “Overall Risk” was written on June 30, 2012.

Of course, I could have remodeled it to incorporate new elements and pass for a soothsayer twenty years later.

No, intellectual honesty is my line of conduct.

So let you discover the reasons that pushed me to write this conclusion in 2012.

Clearly, European Finance is poorly managed and, as we later quantified in online videos, it caused losses of income and financial wealth to the tune of more than 13,000 billion euros between 31/12/2008 and 31/12/2021, only in the Euro Zone.

Knowing that the ECB is making rain and shine throughout Europe, this system has considerably impoverished all Europeans in the EU-27 : more than 15,000 billion euros in total.

These are pure and simple losses for the populations because everything that High Finance has been able to save is now out of sight, within or outside the European Union, in financial vehicles whose holders we can no longer even identify (closed holdings).

What a waste!

What a Mafia!

Imagine for a second all that we could have done with such sums!

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