Turnover april 2019

This second post on the OTC Markets deals with the average volumes traded in these markets: it is quite simply delirium.

This post will allow us to understand all the mechanics of these statistics having completely different input bases:

  • Valuations in Notional Values
  • Valuations in Gross Markets Values
  • Valuations in Net-Net Basis

At first sight, we have seen in Part I and Chart I that the volumes traded on the Foreign Exchange Market were paltry compared to those traded on the Interest Rate Market.

Understanding becomes more difficult when comparing this Chart I with Chart II in Part I: the raw values melted like snow in the sun.

Thanks to this new analysis of flows in April (every three years), we discover the Net-Net Basis Value which allows us to understand that these Interest Rates , Foreign Exchange Market, and Option Markets are perfectly symmetrical.

In other words, neo-liberalism is using the foreign exchange market to make thousands of billions of dollars (dollar equivalents) of cash available for the sole purpose of putting states, companies and employees in competition.

As this work had not been completed, I will repeat it in other forms in this section:


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