Part I: Financial Markets in billion euro (end of 2019).  

The six posts devoted to the discovery and costing of financial markets in the Eurozone are old since they cover the period 2000 – 2009.

On the other hand, they are of great interest in understanding the current monetary and financial system because it is practically impossible to do this work in other monetary areas.

In summary, there are FOUR Financial Markets in the Eurozone that are all dominated by High Finance:

  • Stock exchange
  • Other Debt Securities
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Credit, Loan and Receivables Markets

The strategy of High Finance is simple to understand:

  • Let’s create more and more fake money
  • Let’s create more and more debt
  • Let’s create new Financial Markets
  • Let’s create more and more Financial “Partners”
  • Let’s create more and more Financial Instruments.

Thanks to this system, European High Finance takes absolute control of all european economies.

Then, thanks to the “Freedom of Movement of Capital” (killer liquidity) and thanks to our European “false friends” and “partners” (Luxembourg, Ireland, netherlands, Flemish Belgium), High Finance usesmore and more Financial Vehicles to steal the savings of Europeans.

Clearly, we will show you that this world is mafia.

During 2023, we will update these figures for the period 2000-2021.

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